I am a fat man. I may have lost 60 70  90 100 lbs but I am still fat.

I have been looking for a way to lose weight that is sustainable. As in: I can still live my fucking life and lose weight. Yeah, that kind of sustainable.

I think I have found it. I want to share with you what my trial and errors have been and hopefully save you some time in losing weight. But let’s not kid ourselves, you’re probably seriously overweight and tired of not being able to tie your shoes without getting out of breath, or being able to see the entire shaft of your penis, or perhaps not having to do what I call the “fat man tug” on your shirt whenever you sit down.  Sound familiar? Yes, yes, I have been there and still am. But I am getting better. And so can you. All it takes is some effort and a decent amount of spirit from you. If you can offer that up, you can lose weight, and still have a good Superbowl Party, and still pig the hell out on Thanksgiving Day, and still meet your buds for some cold beers after work.

Oh yes, my friends. This works and oh yes, you can still live a normal life without having to give up everything for the sake of “losing weight” or “going on a diet”.

Did I mention I am not selling anything? I’m not. NOTHING. I have no agenda here.

Some facts about me:
I am 6’2″
I am Caucasian
I am a man
I live in the U.S.
I am married
I am around 40
I weigh as of right now (2/19/2013) 263 pounds  . As of 2/27/2013 I am now 255. heh. (3/12/2013) 250 lbs (2/7/2014) 245
My maximum weight I have ever weighed is ~350 lbs  (for those keeping score, that’s down 87 lbs–but that was about 12 years ago)
My maximum more recent weight is 320 lbs (yes,  I yo-yo’d just like you probably have–lucky for me I finally found a way that’s sustainable)


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