60 day Sprint

Hey everyone.

I am going to do a 60 day sprint and challenge you to do the same. It ends right before Thanksgiving, so you will have a goal and a prize waiting for you in the end.  You know how I feel about Thanksgiving already. So eat up!

Also, you’ve got some time to get prepared. So do it.

But only if you’ve earned that Turkey Day Meal, can you eat it.

Quick back story: for two years I’ve been working out and trying to eat right. I’ve done okay. I am on the up now, as in I have put on 15 lbs in the past month (lifting weight, mostly), so I need to go back down, but overall I have kept off 100 lbs for over a year now, for which I am happy as a pig in shit.

But I want more. I know that “losing weight” and “getting in shape” and “getting healthy” are all tied together and most of you think, “Man I got to hit the gym to get this 30 lbs off me.”

Eh, not so much.

You need to stop stuffing that damn spoon of ice cream into your gob. You lose weight with food, not exercise.

So I am challenging myself to a 60 day sprint. What do I mean by that? 60 days CLEAN eating and 60 days of working out. (taking my weekly days off, of course).

What is clean eating?
What is working out?

It’s whatever you say it is. But you get NO cheat days on your eating for 60 days and no extra days off from working out.

You know I am a huge proponent of “you got to live your life” and I still am, that’s why I am only doing this sprint for 60 days, then back to my normal “eat what you want” routine. Because no one can sustain perfect eating forever. Well there are those few who can, but they’re a little OCD. For the rest of us, life is more fun.




Pick a diet and stick to it–for 60 days. Don’t bitch-out on me and have cake on day 28. Are you committed to this or not? You want to do Paleo? Go for it. You want to do Atkins? EAT THAT MEAT!  Want to go low fat, high carb? Do it.  Want do some intermittent fasting? Eat a big meal once a day! But make doubledy damn sure you DO NOT go over your caloric output for the day. If you burn 2500 calories, you better not go over that, not one damn calorie. I don’t care what they say about spiking insulin and all that other stuff. For this sprint, we doing calories in/calories out. Deal?
If you don’t want to do a particular diet (or want to do your own) go for that too! But remember, you need to track your calories in and out no matter which one you do. As for me, I will be doing my own diet, maybe supplementing with some protein powder. Use an app to keep track of your food. Pick one you like and use it religiously. And stop moaning about keeping track of everything. God you’re such a whiny ass. It’s only sixty days.


Pick a program and do it. Want to do P90X? Great. Not up for that, but can walk? Walk every day for 30 minutes, build up to an hour, then build up to a run. Sorry, but if you’re just walking, you need to do it EVERY day.  The key here is to stick to the shit. Don’t stop or give up if you get a pulled muscle. If you pull a leg muscle, work your upper body. If you pull your shoulder, just do legs. There are tons of ways to get moving. But for the sake of this sprint, you must commit to do something 4-6 days a week. So if to you that means going to the gym 4 days a week, then do it. But commit. Don’t just go there and half ass it. Go for it. You only got 60 days.

Of course I will keep working out even after this, and you should too. And I will continue to eat moderately as well, but I won’t follow such an egregiously strict diet.

For many reason I won’t go into here, I am starting my sprint on September 22nd. Yep, that’s a Monday. Not my favorite day to start anything, but what the hell.

You in with me? If so let me know. I will want you to post progress reports every so often. But remember, you’re the only one who can keep you motivated, not me.  I’ve never done a sprint like this (fitness is a marathon, remember?) so I am kind of excited about it. I plan on telling everyone in my world to leave me the fuck alone for these 60 days. No pot luck lunches, no parties, no doughnut Fridays, no nothing! FOR. JUST. 60. DAYS.

After that we go back to the marathon called life.


Oh and in case you’re wondering what prompted this whole thing, it was this sentence I read on a movie trainer’s website:

On the movie project, we have control of the diet, because if we don’t, then the training doesn’t matter. It’s that simple. If a guy is training with us in the gym five times a week for 2 hours, that leaves 158 hours for him to fuck everything up if left to his own devices.


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