Before and After


Hey everyone, I know I haven’t posted in a while. To be honest, there’s not a lot more for me to add! I’ve told you everything I know (which admittedly isn’t much 🙂 ) to lose weight and get in shape.


I’ve been asked by a few people for “before” and “after” pics. I’m not one to take center stage. I wrote this more for others to help them than to parade myself.

So hopefully by you reading this, you’ve learned something.  I didn’t waste all that time typing this shit up!


Here are some pics. Two of me nearly at my peak of weight. I am not sure how much I weighed but it’s something over 300 (I am 6’2″)

The other ones are of me goofing around with my youngest daughter, right after my work out and she snapped some pics. The featured image is of me taking a selfie at work in a new shirt.

Remember, I am not a handsome man. I look just like someone you know or have seen on TV.  And yet, I’ve never been on TV… Someone told me, who hasn’t seen me in a long time, “You are unrecognizable, congratulations.”


I show you these to motivate you.

Remember, losing weight starts in your head, not in the kitchen or the gym.




IMG_0656 - Copy

IMG_2131 - Copy



…and after…





IMG_4268 - Copy


Yes, you can.






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