Damn it!

Today was frustrating but inspired me to write this.


I had my day planned out. See, I can work from home so if I have a lot of evening plans, I work from home and exercise over lunch.

Only one problem, I forgot I had a doctor’s appointment today at lunch. So that screwed my workout. Then I figured I’d workout after that.

But the problem is people kept scheduling meetings all day.

So as I grew increasingly frustrated because I couldn’t get my workout in, my window to actually workout shrunk, and shrunk until it was not even 2 hours.  (I like an hour to work out and at least 30 minutes to cool down).

I was getting pretty pissed about this and anxious about fitting in the workout to my busy ass day. And then I finally just gave up.

I made the executive decision that I was not going to work out.

What a relief to me.


Don’t make working out something that frustrates you, or causes you consternation. It should be something good, not a stressor!!!

If it is becoming stressful, because you’re too busy, kick it to the curb and work out tomorrow. One day won’t make that big of a deal.




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