It Gets Old…

So you’ve been living this healthy lifestyle for a while now (for me around 2 years) and you are eating right and doing your weekly workouts and seeing some truly dramatic results.  Congrats! Man, that’s what it’s all about.

But do you know that willpower is not unlimited? Scientists have proven that it will run out for all of us.  Until you build it back up again.That’s why I tell you to eat dirty when you feel the compulsion. Don’t go apeshit or anything, but eat that donut.

I completely understand though, if you look in the mirror at your new skinnier self and say, “Man I am tired of this. I just want to live like everyone else and eat what I want, and sit around and watch TV and not have to plan my days around my workouts and snap a picture of everything I eat to add to my food calculator.”

Yeah, I feel you. It DOES get old. It gets to be a pain and you see others around you living life and having fun.  The one big item for me is, since I don’t eat breakfast or lunch most days, my envy for people sitting in Denny’s or IHOP having the huge breakfast gets me sometimes. Or watching the people in my office scarf down a burger and fries (AND OH MY GOD THE SMELL IS GOOD) or pizza or whatever gets my dander up.

Seeing people who go home and just eat some snacks before dinner, hang out with the family and watch TV and order a pizza and some cold beers, get’s under my skin. Since I have to come home and work out every damn day and have to eat chicken and vegetables every damn day.

Yeah, it gets old. Really old.

See my real problem is this: From all the research I’ve done, it states that after you live a clean, healthy life for a while, your cravings for bad stuff will just evaporate and you’ll only crave shit like fruit and grains and lean meats.

Yeah, that’s not me. I like LOVE food. I like cheeseburgers, and mexican food and ice cream and cake, and hot dogs and chips and all that stuff. I LOVE FOOD. So even after I eat clean for months, I still want that damn pizza. So that whole clean living begets clean yearnings is sort of bullshit to me.  Some weeks I feel like I am just going to toss all the stuff I have learned out the window and eat a big breakfast, go out to eat with co-workers for lunch, and then have Chinese food delivered for dinner. ALL WEEK.  But I stop myself. I get up, grind up my coffee for the day, drive into to work and smell everyone else’s food.  Sucks.

So what do you do?

To be honest, I am not entirely sure. I tell you this much, you never ever give up. That road leads to destruction.  Can you backslide? Sure. Sometimes you need the backslide to kick you back into gear. You need to be honest with yourself and figure out how far you can go, though. Do you really want to put back on the 20 pounds you lost? Think how discouraged you will be.

I can lose 20 lbs in about a month. But I can put it on in like 8 days. Seriously. I have no idea how that’s even possible, but I can do it.

But here’s something. You’ve come this far. You really want to go back to having to put deodorant under your FUPA again? You really want to be sitting your cubicle at work, and require a fan to be blowing on you all the time, because you sweat so much JUST SITTING THERE? Nah, I didn’t think so.

At some point it’s just a matter of (there is a long pause here as I really think on this. To you, it will be one word to the next, but to me, a few minutes have passed) you reaffirming your reasons and goals of why you started doing this in the first place. It’s “manning up” and fighting through it.  Look it’s not easy. When people ask me how I lost so much weight, I say, “Eatin right and exercisin.” One guy said, “It’s that simple, isn’t it?” Yeah it’s that simple. And that fucking hard. Yeah, I am looking at you. You looking back? Nod that fucking head. You KNOW it’s true.

Here’s a few ideas to try, maybe one of them will stick for you.

First remember how it felt when you really had that first NOTICEABLE weight loss and people started to say something? Remember that feeling? I bet you do. Hell it might bring a tear to your eye. All your hard work for MONTHS (eating clean, not going with co-workers for lunch, skipping after-work activities to go to the gym) and no one notices a damn thing…then BLAM people start saying things. That feeling is like gold. GOLD.

Has anyone said that to you in a while? Maybe not if you’ve plateaued. Why not push down to a lower weight? Try to get those comments coming again? Those are priceless.

Side note: I had a guy put me in the same bucket as him a last week saying, “They’re skinny and we’re fat.”  Let me tell you something. That motivated the hell out of me. It’s good when someone called you fat. When you’ve lost a lot of weight and are feeling good. It’s a kick in your ass to start fighting the fight again.

Now we go from the past, to the future. Think about something coming up that’s not too far away and think of two sets of people who will be there. Those who have not seen you AT ALL since you started losing weight, and those who have, but maybe not recently.  So you’ve two sets. The one who’s seen you somewhat recently, might say something (maybe not) if you’re still at the same weight the last time they saw you.  But here’s the deal, let’s say you’ve been backsliding and put 15 lbs back on. When you see this group of people, the second set may be like “WOW!” and the first set may be like, “Yeah! She really looks good!” but that’s it. Guess what? In the back of your mind, you’re going to be thinking, “Shit. I am up 15 lbs from my lowest and these people are complimenting me on it. Too bad they didn’t see me before.”

Yeah, that. Use that motivation to kick you in the ass even harder so BOTH groups of people will say WOW when they see you.

I know it’s not much, but it’s these mind games that we play with ourselves to keep us motivated.

Remember losing weight doesn’t start in the kitchen, or in the gym. It starts in your head.


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