You know what backsliding is, right?

Yeah, that’s when you kind of take a break on your health plan. Like you stop working out or stop eating clean, or hell both! Yeah, everyone does this. EVERYONE. Take a look at some of the previous winners of the Biggest Loser TV show. Many of them have bloomed back up to their old weight.

I’ve already told you this is a LIFETIME commitment, but you will backslide. We all do. I do.

I just did.

I usually enjoy myself during the holidays. I eat what I like because you have to live your life! You constantly deny yourself the food you want, you’re eventually either going to go insane or you will binge and give  up. So with moderation and LOTS of working out, eating dirty every so often is not going to affect you much.

Well I had planned on getting back on track after New Years. I didn’t. January was an excuse-ridden-month. So many excuses of not working out, so many reasons and situations to eat crappy food. You know exactly what I am talking about.

My plan was to put on about 20 lbs after my surgery. I did. Plus another 6. Now, understand my surgery was 8 months ago. So I was happy. What I wasn’t happy with was I wasn’t working out regularly, and was eating shit. So I felt gross. and I got pissed at myself. Remember, I’ve been up and down the ladder a number of times. I KNOW what it’s like.

Not this time. By GOD not this time.  So often in the past I would start backsliding only to get mad at myself and get completely defeated thinking, “Holy shit, that 40 lbs I lost, I’ve put 30 back on–and now I have to go lose it again.”

So frustrating. So easy to give up. It’s depressing. And depression is the best seasoning to put on food. Man it makes food taste good! And you want so MUCH of it.

Not this time.

I had those feelings. For a few days actually. Then I looked at my calendar (remember, I have a lot of other stuff going on all the time too) and determined the Tuesday after the Superbowl would be the day I began. My year of X.

So I did and I am. Today is day 4. I have been eating clean and doing a P90X/Insanity hybrid workout. And you know what, when I feel that temptation pulling at me, I look at myself in the mirror and want to drop the pounds. I think about the people’s faces when they see the weight I’ve lost.  About the comments. About the “You look like a different person.”  Those comments go a long way toward motivation and I use them for just that.

But all this aside, when you backslide you have to arrest that shit. You have to grab it by the short and curlies and throw it out the door. Easier said than done, right? Remember ALL this plan starts in your own head. If your head is not right, you will never succeed. If you’re backsliding do this: pull up a calendar. Pick a day. Make that the day you stop backsliding and get back on the wagon. It could be tomorrow. Hell it could be today. It could be next month. But own that day. Focus on it.

But most important, DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP AND QUIT.  God. That’s a road to nowhere except not being able to tie your shoes without getting out of breath. Or lifting that gross flap of skin to wash under. Who the hell wants to do that? Look even if you have to lose some weight again, so what? It’s a lifetime thing. You’re going to go up and down over the entire 80 years of your life!


2 thoughts on “Backsliding

  1. Thanks! I can totally relate to this…

    I’ve been backsliding this feb for all kinds of reasons! I promised to start again early Monday, but have a 6.30am conf. call and other excuses starting to line up. Here I’m late Sunday wrapping up household chores…. Let’s see if I manage to get a workout in……..

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