The two most important parts of losing weight

I write a lot of stuff on here, and the other day I was thinking of losing weight while talking to a co-worker.

To be honest, I have PUT ON 20 lbs. In the past 7 months.  I guessed I would because I LIKE TO EAT.

Now, the holidays are over and it’s time to get back to it. I am really looking forward to that.

Okay, so what are the two most important things?

1–Your head. You have to be READY to do this. You can’t just hop off and on the wagon. You need to really commit yourself to this. If you’re not ready to commit yourself to this, then fuck it. Go eat a pizza. Seriously. You’re not ready for this. I know someone who got LAP BAND surgery and haven’t changed one thing about their mentality toward eating. They are stuck at a 45 lbs loss. And with their head still stuck at the eating process, they are going to stay there.


Yeah. Time. Most people stick to a diet for like a week or two and lose maybe 10 lbs, then give up. Whatever. Go ahead and give up–one day…then get back on the horse after that. If you determine that 10 days is as long as you can keep up your clean eating and working out…sweet! Cheat on the 10th day…then get back on the wagon….and fight through it for 10 more days. If you do what I tell you and not some “2 lbs a week” weight loss, you’ll be ok. Just make sure you don’t give up completely. That’s a recipe for fatness forever.

Remember, if you stick to it for 6 months, you will lose a ton of weight. People will notice and ask you “how you did it”.  So don’t stop. It’s worth it.


3 thoughts on “The two most important parts of losing weight

  1. 100% agree, mind and sticking power. I lost about 25kgs 5 years ago from simply walking and being mindful of what I ate. I fell pregnant in that time and got back to pre preggy weight and 4 years on I’m still the same weight (+/- a couple of kgs) it’s definitely worth it 🙂

  2. CONGRATS. Man it’s hard to stick that weight in the right spot for such a long period of time. Mine fluctuates pretty violently the entire year.

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