Work Your Way Out

Happy Halloween! Go eat some candy!

So you know the old saying, “You can’t work your way out of a bad diet“? What it means is that, even if you work out and are trying to lose weight, and you eat an entire large pizza, you won’t lose weight.

I call bullshit.

I think you can work your way out of a bad diet. I really and truly do. But it’s seriously fucking hard. And yeah, I said fucking. I am writing this as if I were talking to you like a friend. And when I talk to friends, I cuss.

For instance, last weekend my daughter had a friend spend the night. So they ordered pizza. I love pizza. LOVE it. So I had some. They also had ice cream. I love ice cream. LOVE it. So I had some too. Yummy!! (It was a thin crust pineapple, ham and bacon and Butterfinger ice cream with whipped cream and hot caramel syrup!!)

So remember how I track everything that goes into my mouth (sans body parts) I input my calories into my app. Now, my daily calorie limit is around 1944 a day. I figure if I stay below 2000 on any given day, I am good. Well, after filling out my calories for the day, I was at 2400 calories of pizza and ice cream. My little app said, “You are almost 500 calories over for the day.” I was like. yeah. that. Remember you have to LIVE YOUR LIFE… this is NOT A SHORT TERM thing. You’re in this f-o-r-e-v-e-r. So one weekend of pizza and ice cream is permitted…so chill. Just don’t make it a normal practice.

Oh and about that 500 calorie overage?

I forgot to mention, I hadn’t put my exercise in yet. I input the calories I burned during my TWO HOUR WORK OUT. 1624, bitches!

How you like me now? So add that 1624 to my input output for the day…suddenly I am 1100 calories in a deficit.

Now you see why it’s so damned important to keep track of all your numbers? Otherwise I would have thought my full belly was failure. Oh hell no. I could have had SECONDS! Hahaha, take that World!

You get all the lessons here? There are so many.

1) eat what you want

2) exercise your ass off–every day if possible


4) this is not a short-term thing. You will be fighting the fat your ENTIRE LIFE. It NEVER stops. Accept that shit and move on.

5) keep track of what you eat and your work outs

6) keep your bad eating days to a minimum, but there’s no reason you can’t go hog wild…if you WORK OUT

7) the ENTIRE WORLD is against you losing weight. Accept it. Move on. 



And keep in mind that you can calorie restrict yourself all you want. The longer you keep it up, the better you will do, but you cannot keep it up forever. At some point you will get a hankering for a cheese burger or a waffle or some donuts or pizza or cookies. You know, shit that’s not exactly healthy, but oh so good!  My recommendation, fight the urge as long as you can, but eventually you will give in. Scientists have determined willpower is finite. As in the shit runs out. So you will lose. So fight it, but plan on letting it go. Tell yourself, “I will eat some Nutter Butter Peanut Butter cookies on Thursday. I will eat the entire damn box! But I have to eat right the rest of this week. Oh and Thursday must be a day I work MY ASS OFF in my exercise.”

Then pop that box of cookies open and enjoy. I mean it. Really enjoy them. You need to LIVE YOUR LIFE.


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