Proof is in the pudding

Whatever the hell that means.

It’s Saturday. And just to prove to you that I really do what I preach, here’s a pic of my heart rate monitor, after my workout. Yes, that’s calories burned people.  And yes, that’s TWO HOURS AND 17 MINUTES of working out.


You may want to know what I did in my workout. Well today was a “legs” day for me.

So first I did the Les Mills Combat Lower Body Lean Out:


Then, after that I did The Asylum Power Legs:


Then, after that, I did lunges alternating with stair climbers for the remaining time. When I saw I was near 2000 calories at the end of the two hours, I said, EFF IT and kept going for another few minutes to get the final 2000. Then I kind of lost track of my sanity for a few minutes, and that’s why it’s up over 2100.

Good times.

What did you do this Saturday? Watch a college football game while drinking beer and eating chips and queso? You did? Sweet.

Now go work out.


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