One Year Anniversary

I am coming up on my 1 year anniversary of working out and eating correctly. I can’t believe it.

I’ve posted many many things on this blog that have helped me lose the weight, hoping they would help you too. If they have, then good.

I am down right around 100 pounds from my initial weight of 320 lbs.

Things I have noticed, happened, been said to me:

I’ve had people say, “You look better fat.”

“You’re getting too skinny.”

“Are you sick?”

“Is this weight loss wanted?”

“You look like you’re wearing your dad’s clothes to work.”

“How’d you do it?” (And when I explain that I typically eat ONE meal a day they ALWAYS say “That’s not healthy.”

Yeah, no shit. You’re right. Being 220 pounds is so much worse for me than being 320 pounds.  Then I try to explain to them about IF and its benefits. I typically get glass-eyed lost expressions in a very few seconds. People just aren’t ready to hear it yet.

Does it feel good to get compliments? Sure. It also is very motivational.

But I motivate me. Not others.  Still. It’s nice. The other day a relative said, “You going to tell me how you did this?” And I was like, “What?” He said, “You look like a different person,” I said, “Oh, that.” I think what confused the shit out of him was I was drinking as much beer as he was, and eating as many chips and salsa as he was too. Heh. My plan works, and you get to eat whatever the hell you want :-).  It phreaks people the fuck out.

I’ve experienced three major injuries I had to work around. Two of them took me out for a week and then partially for a month. The third one was my abdominal hernia repair surgery, which knocked me out for a few months.   But I still did what I could. The doctor told me I could ONLY walk. So guess what I did? I walked. A lot. I’d planned on putting on 10 lbs after my surgery. Turns out I only put on 3 lbs.

I’ve made it through Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, parties, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Vacation trips, work gatherings, Valentine’s Day, etc. Still lost 100 pounds eating whatever I wanted.

I am still overweight. I need to drop another 20-25 pounds. I am still considered obese by the BMI scale. Trust me, I know what a load of shit the BMI scale is, just giving you a point of reference. When i tell people that I’ve more to lose they say, “From where?” If you could see me with my clothes off, you could tell where real quick. (GROSS!–haha)  I have now experienced what my wife calls “hang skin” around my navel. The skin there is loose and wrinkled and probably will always be. I don’t care. The doctor asked me if I wanted to get a “tummy tuck” (two doctors have asked me, actually).  I don’t have any plans to get it. Sure I’d probably look better, but I kind of view that nastiness as my trophy. Proof that I used to be fat as hell–and I won.

I’ve still got a long way to go. Well, not as long and it’s easy now. Once you get into the rhythm, it’s really not that hard. Yeah, I still get pissed off at myself sometimes. It’s Labor Day weekend, right now, and I haven’t eaten right all weekend (still worked out though—the Great Equalizer!) so I am mad about that, but when I go back to work, I will be back into the groove. The next few weekends are full of gatherings and family stuff, so I will have monitor my eating all week oh and Thanksgiving and Halloween are right around the corner…like I said, it’s not a big deal any more. Just wanted to let you know one thing:

It never stops. EVER.

If you’re fat you can never stop fighting the battle against your fat ass. We’re like alcoholics. Once a fat ass, always a fat ass. (Well, we do get still partake of cake and ice cream…so the comparison only works so far).  You can’t let your guard down for very long, or that scale will start going back up. Trust me, I’ve been there. Remember, I used to weigh 350, then got down to 250, only to go back up to 320.  Don’t let it happen.

I will be interested to see where this goes from here. I do have a plan for next year. I really can’t plan too much this year only because I am still recovering from my surgery, but by January of next year, I should be fully ready to take on 2014. And I have a plan. I can’t wait. I will post my idea for next year in a week or so. It should be fun.

Take care



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