The Metric System

When you first start focusing on losing fat, don’t say, “I want to lose 80 pounds.”

You don’t really know how many pounds you want to lose. You really have no clue.

So, instead of focusing on such a large number, break it down into 10 pound increments.

For instance, when I was 290 pounds, my goal was only to get into the 280s. Nothing more.

Once I got into the 280s, I would usually celebrate by having a treat (no, really–I did!)

Then I would typically go back up into the 290s, and that would piss me off, so I would have to fight my way back to 280s. Ok, fair enough. Once I got down to say, 286 or 285, I would know I was on my way to diving down into the 270s. So when I got into the mid 280s I would say, “I am pushing my way down through the 280s” Then I would eat right for a  few weeks (remember, you only focus on “weeks” not “months”).

And then it all started over again in the 270s (including the damnable treat!).

But you know what? It was sustainable. I could do it forever!!!!

And I have–I started in the 320s and am now in the 220s…. 🙂




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