Today I was on the treadmill, running. I don’t remember exactly what my goal was, but let’s just say it was “run as fast as you can for one minute”.  Then slow down or step off once I got that minute in.

I watched the timer like a hawk, waiting for my one minute to pass. Then, when it did, I kept going.

I call that my “gravy”.

After that, I didn’t watch the timer at all, my goal then was to get as much gravy as I could. So time went out the window and my willpower switched.  It’s a strange mental state to be in, but I like it.

I do the same thing when setting my calorie burn goal per work out. Say if I want to burn 1200 calories in a work out (typically a weekend workout) I will watch those calories on my HRM slowly, slowly, build up over time, while I am sweating, dying, cursing my mother’s name, but I keep going. Then, once I hit my 1200 goal, I stop looking at my HRM and just go into gravy mode. A few times, gravy has led me to 1500 calories burned and even once to 1875 calories burned. Thank you, gravy!

See, my view is, set goals. Once the goals are achieved, PUSH yourself to achieve more. Every time. All the time.

Bite off more than you can chew. Then chew it.

Give it a try. The next time you have a goal, meet it. Then SOUNDLY beat it like a bitch.


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