Count Calories….or not?

Been reading up on the Paleo diet and on the Bulletproof diet.

Both offer weight loss and health benefits while not requiring you to carefully monitor your calories. That scares me a bit, but I am always open to new things.

The Bulletproof diet sells itself as an upgraded Paleo diet. Fair enough. It actually has you eating more fats and less carbs, which is ok. It seems to be that, when you cut out carbs, completely, you can load up on the fats and the protein and it’s quite healthy.

After researching both of these diets for a while, I think I will give the Paleo diet a 30 day run. Why not? I know what I’ve been doing (calories in calories out) works, but what if I could speed up the last 25 or so lbs of my weight loss, while exacting more health benefits from it too? Why not?

I still stand by the fact that you can lose weight by working your ass off in the gym and eating a semi-healthy diet. I won’t change my thoughts on that. But I never–ever–think I know everything.  So I will give this a try and see what comes of it. Hopefully something.

I still plan on working my ass off and counting all my calories 🙂 I just can’t NOT do that, you know?




2 thoughts on “Count Calories….or not?

  1. I been doing LMC and Paleo Diet and I feel great !!! Keep going you are very informative and I enjoy your research 🙂

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