Putting it all together–Part III


There I was, all sorts of pissed off. Been doing what was dubbed the most difficult workout ever put on video and I hadn’t lost a pound. Not one. I had followed their eating plan and workout plan to the T. What was wrong? Was I eating too much (yes)?  Was I not exercising enough? (no).

That’s when I started to investigate what was going on with my body. I dug deep. Uncovering the internet health information I never knew existed.

And my idea of health and nutrition changed, categorically.

I learned about intermittent fasting. I learned about the myths of 5 meals a day. I learned about HIIT, and metabolic conditioning and the myth of the “fat burning zone”.  I learned what happened when I ate carbs, and fat, and meat. I learned tons of stuff.

So I started implementing a lot of this stuff. I dropped my calorie intake from 2500 down to 1500. I stopped eating breakfast and lunch. I started trying different work outs like kettlebells, tabatas. I added in weightlifting to my regime. In other words, I started experimenting on myself.

They paid off. I started dropping weight like it was nothing. I would drop 10 lbs in two weeks, then another 8 the next two weeks. Remember, I am not in this for the short haul, but the long. I am going to live like this the rest of my life. So it had to be sustainable like I have said for ever now.

I found out that intermittent fasting was not only a way to lose weight, but it was also a way to get healthier. I learned to add in weight training to keep my muscle mass. I started doing HIIT to increase my VO2MAX.

I learned that it wasn’t so much of how much I ate, but what I ate. I tried different things. Many worked, some didn’t. Whatever. It was fun.

I have my routine now, and I weigh as little as I did when I was in high school. I get looks, I get people saying, “OMG”  Whatever. I am still overweight. I want to lean out. That is my goal.

Read over my site and you will see what I have learned and how I learned it. I am always looking for new stuff too, so whenever i find it, I will post it on here. Hopefully helping out some other fat ass like myself.



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