Putting it all Together Part II

Part 1

During our vacation I gave my self liberties. I wanted to just enjoy being on vacation and not worry about my diet. (See, here’s the failure of going on an actual diet–they all lead to d00m and failure).  I ate all I wanted and had my favorite road food, an iced honey bun. OMG those are so freaking tasty!!! COLD, HOT, who cares!?!?!?  EAT IT!

So I porked out on all my foods. Enjoyed myself, thinking I would get back on my Medifast regiment when I got back home.

Well after a week in the Colorado mountains, we came back and uh…well…we got lots of Mexican food and uh…lots of burgers and uh…we ate, and ate. It was fun. But I was starting to creep back up on my weight, I could feel it and knew what I was doing it. I just knew it. But at this point I was really not sure where or when. I looked at the Medifast meals, but the thought of one more pre-processed snack or drink or brownie or oatmeal or WHATEVER just gagged me. I couldn’t keep going. I had, unknowingly moved PAST Medifast.

I just lived for a while, not paying attention to what I ate, what I did physically (I never really did anything physical).

As I didn’t pay attention, my 260 lbs went back up to to 285. I was on the wrong path again. I needed to make a change. I have a friend who was on this huge health kick. He’d lost a lot of weight by eating somewhat healthy and working his ass off all the time. I knew the only real way to lose weight was to eat correctly, and working out may yield some overall gains, but it still comes all the way back to the food. And I really didn’t want to work out.

A year passed. Nothing changed.

Then I went on another vacation. Colorado again. This time, I went with another friend and he and I did a lot of hiking. Oh boy. The thin air, the constant moving. Oh my gosh. I was beat and terribly out of shape. I barely made it up the mountain and back. I was a wreck when I got back.

We got home and over the next few weeks I went back to living my life. But in the back of my head I still thought about the climb. I thought about a lot of stuff.

I decided it was time to make a change. But what and how?

Lots of people had been mentioning the Insanity workouts to me, but I had no idea what they were. I had done P90X about 5 years prior, but that was it. I wanted a workout that could somehow encompass the 14 hour hike I did up and down that mountain, into a smaller time frame. Insanity seemed to fit that bill. So I ordered it and prepared myself to kick my own ass.

I decided I was going to eat right and workout, both at the same time, not one or the other exclusively, but a synergism of health. I did.  It didn’t workout quite as I’d hoped. My first month of Insanity, I didn’t lose one pound. I was a little upset, but kept going. I had no other recourse.

It was then I started doing deep investigations into health and fitness.

DEEP Investigations.

And I found a lot of what I was told over the years, was WRONG!!

To be continued.


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