Insulin Low Carb Losing Weight

I’ve been studying up on food lately.

I came across a video of a dude (scientist) talking about how it’s not how MUCH we eat, but WHAT we eat. It was a strange video to be sure. He claimed that people in some countries who are malnourished, are obese. And how animals are rarely fat if left on their own. (And we’re just animals)

I found this concept intriguing so I did some digging. The scientist said we shouldn’t be so concerned with how much we eat, but with the amount of carbs we eat because simple carbs raise our insulin to stupid levels, which in turn stops our body from burning fat and tells our body to store fat.





He basically says when we are in two states, storing fat or burning fat. That’s the same stuff I told you before about the fed or the fasted state. But I never thought about a low carb diet. This has me thinking about it.  I am considering a week on/week off low carb diet.  It takes a week to kick all the carbs out of your muscles. And near the end of the week, the only type of workouts you can do are steady state, no HIIT. (Although it seems to me you would still be able to lift, but I am still researching that) The reason is, your body is out of “fast” energy (carbs) and can only use “slow” energy (fat). Which is really good! But if you do HIIT or something like that, you stand a good chance of using muscle for the fast twitch stuff.

Aren’t bodies stupidly complicated? Sheesh.


I will do more research and report back.


So instead of research, I did low carbs for a week. I lost a lot of weight, really fast. I did my same workouts (which are freaking hard 😛 ) but I did lose a lot of weight. I can say, without a doubt that eating low carbs, while eating healthy and working out, is the FASTEST way to lose weight.


But how long can you go without bread? Or tortillas? Or yummy stuff full of carbs? Maybe a while, but you will always give back in.  So do low carb for as long as you can, understanding you’re going to fail eventually. I mean, bacon is damn good, but you can’t live on it.

So if you need to lose some pounds quick like, do low carb for as long as you can, while doing the rest of your working out, eating plan–which you know for me is Intermittent fasting….


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