Putting it all together: Part 1

So by now you’ve read most of the lessons and you’re not entirely on board, but you haven’t completely dismissed it either.

Fair enough.

Here’s kind of where I put a lot of the lessons together for what worked for me.

This is a multipart so I will post some a few days a week. It’s long so it will take some time and I know people don’t like to read long ass shit.

First off, about 3 years ago (I am writing this early 2013) I found myself at 321 pounds.  It wasn’t my heaviest. That was around 350 a few years ago.  I say “around” because I wasn’t really sure how much I weighed–the scale didn’t go that high. I wore a 50″ pair of jeans and had a hard time walking up inclines. Of course I smoked often then too. Boy I was a HAWTH. Heart Attack Waiting to Happen!

When I was 350, I actually got down to 250 lbs by diet alone. I followed something called the New Health Diet. My wife worked at one of their clinics and we both got on it. I lost around 100 lbs in about 4 months. Not bad. Not bad at all.

It was then I learned about the “How did you do it?” groupies. This is the group of people who see you lose weight (seemingly over night!) and want to know what “magic pill” you used.

Folks, there is no magic pill. I went through so many people showing them what diet I was on and what I was eating and how they too could do it! It wasn’t that hard! Just cook 4 meals a day, and eat fresh fruit and lots of veggies, some chicken and fish and nothing else! Come on, anyone could do it!

Well, I could. For at least 4 months. But after four months I wanted a damn donut. I wanted a cold beer. I wanted a slice of pizza. And I did. I ate them all. A lot of them. And over the next few years, put the weight back on. Typical story, of course. You’ve probably been there. It’s hard to keep yourself from eating what you want for a long period of time. The cravings become like a drug you get addicted to. You have to have that Krispy Kreme Doughnut!

So a few years after that, I weighed myself on my new scale.

I was horrified to see that I was at 320 lbs.


I’d gone from 250 all the way back up to almost where I was before. I felt fat, I looked fat. I was miserable. I hated looking at myself in the mirror, hated looking at the pictures people took of me. I acted like I didn’t care, but deep down, I gave a fuck. I hated the pics of myself.

But hamburgers were so good.

And pizza

And brats.

And ice cream.

And cheese.

(By the way, I now eat all that shit above and still lose fat 🙂 )

It was about that time that a neighbor of mine lost a lot of weight. I saw him do it but was too damned proud to ask him how. (Who was I to be too proud? Look at my fat ass!) But fortunately, I overheard him telling someone else how he’d lost it using Medifast.

In case you didn’t know, Medifast is a huge diet. It involves eating 5 of their meals a day and one meal you cook yourself–a Lean and Green meal. Their meals are like food bars, shakes, brownies, soups, etc. They have a pretty wide selection.

Oh and it’s damned expensive.

But what’s expense when we’re talking about my health!?

I talked to the wife and we agreed to do it together.

We did. We bought the meals. We followed the plan (mostly) and I got down to a ripe 260 lbs from my 320. I was extremely happy.

Then I went on my summer vacation.

To be continued…



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