Lesson 7

This is going to be the hardest one for you to swallow, but in my opinion, this is the most important one.

Lesson 7 is: You must work out. A lot.

No I am not kidding and I hear your bitch ass sighing. Look down at your fat fucking belly. You like that shit? You think it looks good? Lift up your shirt. Go ahead, no one else is looking. See those nasty stretch marks? See those ingrown hairs? Look at your pudgy hands. Grab that double chin and give it a squeeze. Try to find your dick in that mess down there. If you’re a woman, can you even see your vagina? Not fun is it?

I found the single most important part of my entire plan is working out. Don’t get me wrong: working out will not cause you to lose copious amounts of weight.  (eating correctly loses pounds–working out loses ounces)No, not one bit. Eating right is the only proven way to really lose weight.

I feel your confusion. Working out is not the way to lose weight. Working out lets you live your life and still lose weight. Working out is The Great Equalizer!

What do I mean by that?

If you’re really fat (if you’re reading this you probably are) you are kind of lucky in that you have so much weight to lose, you can mess up and still lose weight.

See, the deal is this: if you mess up on your eating (I don’t call it a diet, and neither should you.) and splurge on that frosted honey bun for breakfast, it’s probably going to be okay, if you freaking work your ass off.

See, working out doesn’t give you the excuse to eat more. At least, if you’re fat it shouldn’t, BUT if you have to go to a work function like a lunch or an after hours thing, and you are working out, your body can better metabolize this extra food, but only if you work out–hard.

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