Lesson 6

Lesson 6 is one you may balk at.

Oh well. You want to still have to lift that fold of flesh in the shower and wash under it? You want to have to put deodorant under your FUPA in your crotch?

Lesson 6 is simple:

You must record every thing that goes into your big mouth. (Not including sexual body parts)


This goes hand in hand on knowing your basic numbers.  You a) need to know your BMR then b) how much food you eat every day. How can you know if you’re going to lose weight unless you do? Sure it’s not an exact science, but you can tweak it! I once tracked everything for a month and didn’t lose ONE POUND that entire month. I tweaked it and lo and behold I was down 11 lbs the next 2 weeks. But how would I have know had I not been tracking everything?

Go find an app out there you can put on your phone that allows you to add what you eat all day. You’ll be surprised when you first start doing it.

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