Lesson 5

You must know your basic numbers.

Basic numbers are shit like:

What’s your basal metabolic rate?
What’s your activity level?
What’s your fat %?
What’s your weight?
What are your measurements?

You need to know these and know them well.  These are the cornerstones for how you’re going to lose weight. I didn’t say this was going to be easy, right?

Here’s a simple question: How do you know how many calories you can consume every day?

I will await your answer.

Oh, you don’t know? You want to guess? You’re probably wrong, and you’re probably wrong in the wrong direction. You don’t need 2000 calories a day. You probably need closer to 3000. Oh but let’s no deceive ourselves. The old adage of “You must eat 5 small meals a day” is bullshit rhetoric that doesn’t mean a damn thing to you or me. Also, “Cut your calories by 500 per day” is bullshit too.

That works for fit people.

You’re fat. You get to cheat the system for more gain (er…loss).

Lesson 4

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