Lesson 3

Lesson 3

You must be willing to make yourself a priority.

I know this sounds like cliché speak that you would read on the cover of some women’s magazine, but it’s the truth. You must protect your sustainability and fat loss goals. This too will make more sense later. You might get pissed at your friends or your coworkers or your family. As a matter of fact, you will. You must fight this anger. Remember: sustainability.

I once had to attend a 4-day, all day meetings at work. And after hours events too. I was plenty pissed. Especially since day 5 was VALENTINE’S DAY and my wife wanted to spend it eating. It was a tough week. But I made it through.

You know what that’s called? Life.

Life will do whatever it can to mess up your trying to lose fat. That’s its job.  You gotta fight back. How? Spinning the wheel of the ship back on course after it goes off, and not just letting it keep going.

And remember, DON’T get mad if life gets in the way.

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