Ignore the Details–For Now

When you’re first starting to rid yourself of some body fat, you may start to get bogged down into the details.

“How often should I eat?”

“Should I cut carbs?” (never a bad idea )

“How many times a week should I work out?”

“Should I do HIIT or should I do weights or mix it up with mostly cardio?”

“Will I get a better EPOC effect if I do HIIT after my cardio?”

“Should I only eat carbs in the morning?”

“Should I stay in the ‘fat burning’ zone while doing cardio?” (a myth by the way)

“Should I take protein powder?”

“What about starvation mode?” (another myth by the way–doesn’t exist)

And on and on and on. Those are all questions I had in the beginning too, but I am a sucker for stats and data. But what I soon realized was: I’m fat.

None of that minutiae really mattered.

All that matters in the beginning of your getting into better shape is: Calories in and calories out.

Maybe if you’re an elite athlete you can sit there and figure out a perfect balance of carbs/fat/protein but for us fats, we just need to eat less and move more. Yes, it really is that simple–and that hard.


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